Will Vert Shock Work For You? (My Progress Review)

Do you love to play basketball? Do you want to dunk like the pros?

Are you interested in increasing your vertical jump?

Keep on reading because I'm going to give you my opinion on the most popular Vertical Jump program you can get. I'm going to tell you how a LAZY amateur basketball player became a better dunker.

In fact, my dunking skills are improving every single day from what I've learnt after using the Vert Shock Program.

First Let's Have A Little Chat!

Hey! I'm Tim, and I was a super LAZY amateur basketball player. I'm from New York and since we have so many local street courts I had to change my ways!

When I was a young boy I was introduced to basketball through a friend down at the local court, I instantly fell in love!

I remember watching all the streets kids dunk all day and I knew thats exactly what I wanted to do... Dunk like them. You see these guys had all day to play so I learnt a lot from watching them.

There was one big probem that I just couldn't shake...

I was really lazy! Sure, I wanted to be like them but I didn't have the motivation to get it done. By the time I started to do something about it I was 23 but DAMN was it worth it!

This Is Me Now!

  • Age 24
  • Height 6.1"
  • Fit
  • Motivated
  • And best of all not lazy anymore!
  • Oh and I can dunk much better now

You see, I was lazy because I just didn't have the motivation to do anything... plus I didn't have any mentors to show me how to play correctly.

One night I decided to site down and do a search online for Basketball training. I didn't come up with much but I did come across a program called the Jump Manual Program. I ended up buying this program but it did nothing for me, It didn't really teach me much at all.

After that I was still stuck and really needed something or someone who would teach me how to increase my vert and better yet get me dunking like a pro. I remember when I was a kid I landed a dunk and I wanted that feeling again!


A few months went by and my fitness really went down hill again. I put on the weight and just felt lazy, not only that I had a job now so didn't have much time.

I remember I woke up one Saturday afternoon then went back down to the court and I came across this young kid. I've seen him a few times dunking and he was very good for a 17 year old! I just had to ask... "dude who taught you how to dunk like that?"

He said to me, Adam Folker! I was surprised I knew who Adam was because he's famous but I didn't know he was teaching people his skills!

I went right home started searching then found Vert Shock!

After doing some more research I decided to actually compare it with the Jump Manual program and you can see my comparison reading thy Jump Manual vs Vert Shock article.

Want to know more about Adam? Check this out...

Are You Ready For My Vert Shock Review?

If you want to become a basketball great player you need to become fast and strong enough to jump high. If you want to excel in your game and dunk then the Vert Shock system designed by Adam Folker will help you.

It’s a specialized program designed to help players improve their vertical jump.

The training program is quite different compared to any other basketball training program. The program uses a specialized method to shock your muscle system that will help you to jump as high as possible.

Vert Shock is a useful way to learn how to jump because it’s based on the various polymeric and body weight exercises. The exrcises are particularly designed to train your muscles and nervous system to help your vertical jump and improve your overall game.

The duration of the entire vert shock training program is almost 8 weeks. At the end of the first week, you would have improved your jump 3 to 5 inches higher.

The second phase helps you to jump 9 to 15 inches higher based on your initial abilities. In the final phase, you will be able to solidify the results to learn high jump. It’s also full of great training basketball workouts and drills that will help.

The Vert Shock System is created by Adam Folker but actually co owned with Justin Darlington. Justin is one of the best dunkers in the world!

Adam Chilling With Kobe

Highlights Of The Program

The vertical training program available in the form of manuals, video’s and PDFs. Here are some of the highlights inside.

  • The simple and easy to understand information will help you to learn the science of this program
  • Learn the importance of fast-twitch muscle fibers for the jumps
  • Increase your performance with the help of muscle fibers
  • Exercise programs to develop your muscle fibers
  • Different methods to enhance your nervous system to explore your power
  • Warm-up and bodyweight exercises to get better results
  • Specialized techniques to improve your explosive abilities to become a professional and highly skilled athlete
  • The program is perfect for basketball players, soccer players, high jumpers, volleyball and football players
  • The exercises of the program are easy for everyone, in spite of the skill level.

Phases Of Vert Shock

If you have already tried a basketball workouts program and aren’t satisfy with its results then it's time to try this program to improve your jump. This 8-week program will improve your jump gradually because it focuses on the training of your fast twitch muscles. There are three important phases of Vert Shock strength and conditioning.

The Vert Shock System is created by Adam Folker but actually co owned with Justin Darlington. Justin is one of the best dunkers in the world!

Pre Shock Phase

The initial 7 days are planned to prepare your body perfectly for the exercises of the next phase. It will help you to learn the use of muscle fiber of the successful training. After this phase, your vertical jump will be improved up to 3 to 5 inches.

Shock Phase

It’s the most concentrated phase of the basketball training program, and it lasts for almost 6 weeks. This phase contains a combination of the plyometric and strength training exercises. You have to do these exercises 4 times a week with a session of almost one hour. The training will help you to use your nervous system to get volatile energy from muscle fibers without draining your energy reserves. This vert shock review will help you on your decision.

Post Shock Phase

The final phase of the sports program will help you use your muscles as per your needs to enhance your performance. This is an important part of the training, at this stage you will be able to give the high jump constantly. The strength and conditioning programs will help you learn the awesome techniques that improve your jump.

The Vert Shock System is created by Adam Folker but actually co owned with Justin Darlington. Justin is one of the best dunkers in the world!

The Science behind The Adam Folker Program

The training program basically focused on the slow-jolt and fast-jolt muscle fibers to help you jump higher. An ordinary basketball training program focuses on the development and movement of muscles.

This specialized training program will help you focus on the bundles of fibers of the muscles. Contraction of these bundles helps you move the muscles. There are basically two types of muscles that control your movements.

Slow Jolt Muscle Fibers

These smaller fibers are for constant running movements. These fibers can work efficiently even without additional energy to produce movement for a long period of time. The long distance runners prefer to use these fibers to improve their running ability.

Fast Jolt Muscle Fibers

These types of muscles will help you produce larger movements by producing additional strength and power required for larger movements.

These fibers will help you to jump almost 40+ inches. These require lots of energy, and you may feel fatigued easily but it will all be worth it in the end. So screw summer basketball camps it’s time for the shock. after reading this vert shock review it’s time to make a change!

How A Dream Came True

So as you know I was a super lazy player but did you know I'm actually a coach now?. I’m never going to forget this one college kid I was coaching and how Vert shock changed his life. It all started when I was the head coach of of college basketball team. (I'm still a head coach but of my own team) Now this one kid he was going places, his skill was just amazing.

He was the star player for the team and he could dunk like no other but there was a problem. One day he was training and he broke his foot, this was basically the end for him. After some surgery he had to rest for 3 months, when returning to the court he wasn’t the same.

Some more time passed and I thought the Adam Folker program (Vert Shock) would be perfect for him. I called up my main player with the foot issue and asked him if he was interested in trying it out. He wasn’t really my main player anymore because it was all over for him but in my heart he was still number 1. So we got him on the program before writing my Vert Shock review.

After he finished the 8 weeks he couldn’t thank me enough!

So what happened?

The program did what no Doctor or sports therapist could do, it got him back in the game! Yes, that’s correct he was playing basketball again!

This was a crazy achievement. His dream of becoming semi pro came true! He went on to be one of the best basketball players I’ve ever had on my team. Courses like this also improve the shooting form of Stephen Curry and other great players.

On that note, this is awesome when combined with some great basketball sneakers to help you get to where you want to be. I would suggest the Stephen Curry Shoes. People are discovering how these shoes improve their game.

Can This Work For You?

Yes this can, so far the success rate within my team is just incredible! We win over 90% of our games and it’s all thanks to this. This is also good for your mind, good for your body and will keep you healthy. Also, find out how my wife used the bikini body guide fitness plans to become a better basketball player. My wife has also completed the Folker system and with both of these combined they worked well.

So yip, this works for women as well.

The program will help you jump a lot better and condition you better for the game. I have an EXCLUSIVE discount for my readers. If you ACT NOW you will get 50% off Vert Shock today just from reading my review!

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Some Extra Quick Tips!

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