The Secret To The Stephen Curry Shooting Form


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Steph Curry is number 1

Stephen Curry is a renowned NBA Player known for his accurate shooting skills. In 2015, He was named by NBA as one of the most valuable players. He was born in 1988 to Dell Curry, who was an NBA player. When you think of a rising star one successful player that comes to mind is Stephen Curry, Who has already set a single-season record for the most pointers made.

When Stephen Curry is shooting he’s the best! He has made a reputation for himself as a dependable shooter and it looks like every shot he makes is going to go right in the net thanks to his great form. As a player, some might struggle when it comes to shooting the basketball. Shooting is the most important skill you should have as the player, this is because it’s considered the way of earning points. Let’s face it, coming up with a jump shot or quick shot is not an easy thing to do. Most times we struggle with the proper skills behind a good jumper.If you give Stephen Curry a millisecond to shoot you’d be surprised to see the ball already going through the net.

Let’s face it, coming up with a jump shot or quick shot is not an easy thing to do. Most times we struggle with the proper skills behind a good jumper.If you give Stephen Curry a millisecond to shoot you’d be surprised to see the ball already going through the net.

When eliminating wasted movement and wasted motion, it’s all about establishing a quick shot. In competitive levels, the higher you go the more fierce defensive pressure you’ll came across. This makes it necessary that you should be able to shoot quickly without having to let go of any of your veracity. You might be wondering how you would be able to shoot like Curry right? I’m going to break down some tips for you.

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Bend The Rules

Curry has broken the rules a few times when it comes to his landing width and he always lands wide. The Stephen Curry shooting speed is very fast this can be significant because it increases the speed of the shot, and the guards have to be fast with it.  He never adheres to this, I think for him it’s very easy to break the rules and score at the same time, the Steph Curry shot has a consistent release. The reason is that he’s dependable on the upper part of his body giving him the space to do what he wants with his legs.

Lining Up The Shot

Immediately after you catch the ball you should quickly form and line up to shoot. The faster you can move the ball in your shot pocket the faster you can get to shoot. This will take practice. You need to practice how to catch the ball then be fast to move the ball to your shot pocket. This is a very crucial moment, so you should practice over and over.

The One Fluid Motion.

This move seems to be working pretty well for Steph Curry. When he gets in positions there is no stopping him and he shoots the ball in one fluid motion. This makes him a one motion shooter. The one motion shoot and release is really quick, although some might argue that this is incorrect. On the negative side, you cannot jump very high when doing this shot. It’s really up to you if you should use this motion or not.

The Turn

Square your feet to the basket and keep the shoulder width apart, most coaches use this expression. This works out differently with him and it’s named the Steph Curry shot. A lot of players were coached to keep a proper balance and control by turning their feet ten degrees away from the basket. Not Stephen though, he goes to the side of his hand that coordinates his hip and his right shoulder to the basket. Which later leads to a straight shot coming from his right hand. Apparently, this jump shot technique also helps with keeping the elbow in Flexion of the knees.

Speed is the main component when it comes to the Stephen Curry shooting form. He uses less flexion as he shoots. In rare cases do you see Curry when shooting the ball that his feet are not squared entirely to the basket. His legs are usually bent just slightly enough to give him the power to jump. And this has earned him the title of having the quickest shot in NBA. When you’re bending, you usually get lower and it’s very hard to go up. Try using your toes when you feel like you need more force or pressure in your jump.

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Getting ready for that shot!

The Dipping Method

Stephen Curry has denied severally that he doesn’t dip the ball. This method is very beneficial for power and also rhythm. Based on Newton’s first law that says “An object in motion will stay in motion until it’s affected by a conflicting object” it makes your shot go much straighter. An example that can demonstrate this principle is bowling. When it comes to throwing the ball, you would put your hand back and only launched it forward then. When you take the ball back, it makes it very accurate, Once the ball is released it has some energy heading to the direction you are sending it.

The dipping method can increase the possibility of sluggishness, this will increase the chance of scoring the shot. My advice, use the dipping method as much as you want. Instead of taking his shots off the dribble he takes his shots of the pass, this gives him an opportunity to set his form as he prepares to catch the pass. This makes it easier for him to catch and launch before record time is done. For long distance shots, as he gets the pass he lowers his arms and raises his head as he jumps. This gives him a strong release.

Always think about the shot. To improve on these areas discussed above is to be in the new triple threat position. This does not mean that you should shoot every time that you get to touch the ball, be ready to throw once you touch the ball. There is still one last secret to his success along with many other players Do you know what it is? It’s actually a personal sports training course now open to the public, learn how to shoot a basketball like Stephen today!

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