Increase Your Vertical Height & Jump Higher Like The Pros

Jump higher and dunk like this

Basketball is a fun game and it’s also known to be very professional. If you like basketball, you should know that you need to work hard to get those super dunks.

Hard work is rewarded, with some effort and athletic talent you can be there with your dream team. If you’re a basketball player, maybe you dream of jumping higher? Increasing your vertical is a skill that all basketball players want to have.

You have to “grow” to catch high balls, developing the ability to jump. Do you know there are some magic basketball tricks that can help you? Well, these are not magic tricks but some vertical jump workouts really do help improve your jumping style and are great for learning how to jump higher.

Learning vertical jump workouts before getting on the basketball court can put you in the top players of your league. Why should you go to practice every day if you don’t aim for better results? Jumping is a mixture of strength and speed in the legs, so you have to make sure you balance these properties.

First, you need to be healthy. Do you have any health problems? If you feel any pain or discomfort during these exercises please stop them and consult your doctor. Keep in mind that your body needs to rest between exercises. Your body has to reconstruct cells and build energy.

If you wish to continue exercising on a regular basis, you should make sure you have times rest breaks so your body has a cool down time.

You should do your warm ups before exercising and trying to jump higher, it helps your body and prevents injuries. If your house has stairs, a good start is running up and downstairs, or you can also do jump rope to warm up. Don’t get too tired or you won’t be able to do the basketball workouts exercises you’re supposed to.

Personal Vertical Jump Training Course

Before we get into this I highly recommend doing a personal training course. You will get to where you want to be a lot faster. I personally use the Vert Shock Training Program and it’s customized to your liking. I’ve used it on myself and my team.

The results really are amazing and our vertical jump heights have increased a lot. So make sure you check it out. My teams average vertical jump increase very fast. Now let’s look at some slower ways you can increase your vertical and dunking.

Squats & Push Ups

You want to improve your vertical height and strength but also your speed. Do some squats with or without weights, they will give your legs the strength you need when you jump. Do this for 10 minutes a day, these exercises work all leg muscles. Perform some push-ups on your knees, try to always to keep your back straight slowly bending your knees. Do 15 of these a session and remember as you exercise you should add more repetitions to start jumping higher.

Toe Exercise

Your toes are very important in the process of your workouts to increase your vertical height. Stand up and lift your feet standing on your toes. Try to balance and you will have better results if you use a step (your stairs at home are a good help). Do this up to 50 times.

Running & Abdominal Exercises

Running track is very helpful with performance when learning how to jump! You gain speed and endurance by running. Run every day, run at the start and end of each training session run to the bus stop, run to the shop, run after work whatever you need to do but Just run! I like to tell people to run at the beach, if you want to take some light weights on your feet, or a backpack strapped to your back.

You really get tired and then as the ground is uneven and soft, forces you to work a little harder and work the legs and joints. Although you might not like it, do an abdominal exercise 10 minutes a day at least. Make sure your back is straight!

I like to tell people to run at the beach if you want to take some light weights on your feet, or a backpack strapped to your back. You really get tired and then as the ground is uneven and soft, forces you to work a little harder and work the legs and joints.

Although you might not like it, do an abdominal exercise 10 minutes a day at least, this is a great vertical workout. Make sure your back is straight! When dunking the basketball hoop it’s important to do it right.

workouts to increase vertical jump

Higher Jumping exercises

The vertical jumping exercises allow you to go a little further while bending your knees. You can bend yourself (by the knees) almost touching the floor then jump as high as you can. When landing try not to injure yourself. Do this 15 times, as time goes by you should increase the repetitions as well.

Hop on one leg to give strength to the leg, make sure you have good landing support. Use the other leg to balance and alternate the legs. These exercises will increase your vertical jump on the court making you a better player. You will notice the difference.

Another thing you can do to improve your vertical jumping height is the tuck, you jump higher and try to take your knees to your chest. Try to land on your toes and jump again, as fast as you can. Jumping a rope can perform as a good exercise, not only as a warmup but during serious training as well. You can watch TV, listen to your favorite songs as you jump and keep your mind distracted.

If you have enough room at home (or wherever you will be performing these exercises) you can put some objects as obstacles then jump over them! Use your arms to keep balance and use both knees, landing on your feet. These are all great ways to jump faster and higher in basketball while increase your vertical basketball shooting skills.

Extra Video Tips To Help Increase Vertical Speed


Do you remember me telling you about Vert Shock earlier on in this article? I will help with your vertical jump and I’ve been used this recently on both myself and my team. The results are simply amazing. We have used it to work on our basketball skills. I’ve just hit my all time record and increased my vertical inches but over 20! It will show you great workouts to increase vertical jump.

I highly recommend trying out the training program because it will turn you into a good player overall and a supreme dunking machine.

Let’s face it you can either do this the slow way or fast way… what would you do? I know I would pick the fast way for a few reasons

  • Faster results
  • Personalized Training
  • Better and faster control when playing basketball
  • Better dunking control


Final Words

So if you are looking for workouts that will increase your vertical dunking and jumping power then a personalized plan like Vert Shock is the way to go about it. It gives you the opportunity to become better faster. Did you know if you have some good basketball shoes you can increase your reach? I’ll leave you with these 3 great jumping drills.

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