My Bikini Butt Review And Does Andrea Albright’s Program Really Work?

My Bikini Butt ReviewHi everyone my name is Lisa and I I’ve followed Andrea Albright’s Bikini Butt Program for a little over three months now. I initially read about the program in Women’s Health and Fitness magazine but when I searched online, I couldn’t find much information or reliable reviews about it.

So, after getting some great results, I decided to write a review myself to let other women know exactly what the program is about.

I was never overweight but after my freshman college year, I found myself carrying an extra 15 lbs. I spent the next ten years in a vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting, losing the weight and then piling it back on again in a matter of weeks.

My confidence was low and this drove me deeper into bad eating habits. When I saw photographs of myself at a Christmas party last year, I burst into tears. I looked flabby, frumpy and depressed. I was adamant that this year I was going to change, so I made a New Year’s resolution to lose my excess weight.

I wasn’t sure where to start but I knew that I didn’t want to fall back into the same old crash red detox diet trap, I wanted to lose the weight and keep it off. I wanted to eat healthier, feel healthier and live healthier. When I came across an article about Andrea Albright in a fitness magazine, I really related to her story.

Seeing how she transformed herself was inspirational, and I love how she focuses on building muscle and embracing curves as opposed to obsessing about being skinny. So, I decided to put my faith in the Bikini Butt Program and haven’t been disappointed.


Let’s Take A Look At The My Bikini Butt Program With This Review

The program sounds like it concentrates solely on creating the perfect booty when actually, it is a full body workout combined with a specialized diet plan to help you slim and tone your whole body.

Andrea’s background in biology helped her to develop a plan that encourages your body to activate specific enzymes in your blood. These enzymes awaken your fat cells and the result is that your body uses these stored fat cells for energy.

The Bikini Butt Program has a three key philosophy:

  • Lower body exercises to slim and tone. Lower body exercises burn more calories than typical upper body exercises. Just 15 minutes a day is enough to kick-start your body into burning that fat
  • Rather than reducing your calorie intake, this plan encourages you to stagger them throughout the day. Eat little and often. This boosts your metabolism and maximizes weight loss
  • It’s refreshing and encouraging to follow a plan developed by a woman who was once unfit and overweight. Andrea’s story is inspiring and motivating and when you follow her plan, she is behind you every step of the way


What’s Included When You Buy The Plan?

  • The complete ‘My Bikini Butt’ program. This consists of video tutorials that teach you the best way to eat, exercise, move and breathe
  • ‘Smooth Out Cellulite’. A fantastic guide with exercises that target the dreaded ‘orange peel’ skin
  • ‘Mini-Vacation: Spa Escape’. Did you know that you can use health spas to aid your weight loss?
  • ‘100 Fat Melting Recipes’. This e-book has 100 delicious varied recipes that are easy and quick to cook
  • ‘Blast the Fat’ e-book.
  • ‘Blast Belly Fat’ e-book, video and audio guides
  • ‘Healthy Ways to Eat while In Your Car’. Fantastic advice for people with busy lifestyles who eat on the go
  • ‘6 Moves to Tone Inner Thighs’. Build thighs to die for with these easy exercises
  • ‘How to Cheat Fat’. This guide shows you how you can still enjoy some of life’s more indulgent treats while losing weight
  • ‘How to Eat Clean with a full on life’. When you’re constantly on the go, the last thing you need to worry about is how to fit your diet in around your daily life. This guide makes it simple
  • ‘Stop Feeling Lazy Now’ video guide
  • ‘Reveal the Thin Within’ guide
  • The Fast Track Bikini Butt Program
  • Andrea Albright’s Secret Tips such as the Brazilian Diet
  • Secret Meal Plans
  • The Great Journal. A daily diary to keep motivated and on track
  • Unlimited 24/7 support

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What I Like About The Bikini Butt Program

  • This plan is perfect for people with busy lifestyles. I love the fact that as little as 15 minutes of exercise daily can yield such great results
  • The ‘diet’ element of the plan isn’t very restrictive and you can still enjoy most foods in moderation. Andrea focuses more on eating the best foods to boost your metabolism, instead of cutting calories
  • The bonuses that come with the basic plan are amazing. I actually couldn’t believe that I got so much for my money. The whole package is very well compiled
  • The plan is so affordable. You get everything for $47. That’s less than one month of gym membership
  • The exercises are fun and easy to do. There’s nothing too complicated or strenuous
  • You get a 60 day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the results, then Andrea will give you your money back
  • The results! I have dropped 30 lbs, gone down 2 dress sizes and overall, I am leaner and more toned. All with minimal effort

What I Don’t Like About My Bikini Butt Program

  • Requires self-discipline. You need to have the drive and will to succeed
  • Not a ‘quick fix’. It isn’t a crash diet, so there won’t be instant dramatic results. However, what you do get is sustainable weight loss and a healthier lifestyle
  • Most of the content is via video so a good strong internet connection is necessary


I absolutely 100% recommend this program. In all my years of dieting, I have never lost so much weight without feeling any sense of deprivation. The exercises are actually enjoyable and I look forward to doing them, rather than dreading them. I feel healthier. I went on a short spa break recently and for the first time in my life, I wasn’t self-conscious about wearing a bathing suit by the pool.

I have had some surprising benefits from the plan too. I tried the ‘Smooth Out Cellulite’ exercises without expecting much of a result, but I am happy to report that the ugly puckered skin on my legs has reduced dramatically. Also, since beginning the plan, my skin has become a lot clearer. I was always prone to breakouts before, but now there is hardly a blemish in sight.

This is an excellent program for women who want to lose weight the right way, without any shortcuts or unhealthy faddy diet plans. This is also a great addition to the bikini body guide workouts and works well combined. With the Bikini Butt Program, you lose weight safely and permanently. I only wish I had known about it sooner!

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