Bikini Body Guide And The Review On Why I Didn't Buy It.. (SHOCKING)

My Bikini Body Guide Review And Why The Kayla Itsines Workouts Cost So Much!


My bikini body guide review and why you shouldn't buy itHey guys, it’s Lisa here  I wanted to share my experience with the Kayla Itsines bikini body guide.

I wanted to try the program to tone up for the basketball games we play but it didn’t go so well. I’m going to talk about it in this review.

Only those who have struggled with their weight can truly understand the real meaning of finding an effective weight loss plan. Ever since I was in high school, I’ve tried almost everything.. restrictive diets, extreme exercise programs and costly medical treatments.

Even when some worked work at first, my body hit a diet lag and stopped losing weight. What did I do then? Gave up and go back to binge eating all over again. Whatever I tried, it didn’t seem to work.

Believe me, when I say that all my former failures were mostly because of my lack of self control or my inability to stick to a program. When I thought it couldn’t get any worse, that’s when the Kayla Itsines bikini body guide comes along.

It was time to go and read some Kayla Itsines reviews and take the next step.

Was I wrong! Keep Reading Because It’s Not What It Seems

I was one of those fools who fell for the five-star reviews and bought it. I had never felt so excited! After all, if this stuff had worked for so many other people then it would surely work for me. I couldn’t have been more mistaken!

To begin with, the guide cost me $69.97 but I didn’t realize that this guide was good only for the first 12 weeks.

Once that time was over I had to purchase the Bikini Body Workout guide weeks 13-34 and that cost another $69.97! The bikini body workout is not the only thing you have to buy.

Anyone who is even thinking about taking up the Kayla Itsines guides and workout plan sit down and do some budgeting.


Why I Wish I Didn’t Read Some Of The Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Reviews

I know you may be thinking that I’m all frustrated because the workout program didn’t work for me, that’s not the case. All those positive Kayla Itsines reviews are only trying to talk people into buying the Kayla Itsines guides. Most of the stuff they say isn’t true.

The problem is not in what they say but what they fail to tell you.

This is where the budgeting issue comes up. They never tell you just how much this bikini body guide program will cost you once the whole thing is over.

They never tell you how much you have to spend on the Kayla Itsines bbg. Not only was the hidden cost with her ebook, I would have to buy extra gym equipment!

I was expected to buy two benches or steps, a mat, two dumbbell weights a medicine ball, a skipping rope and a bosu ball.

I might as well open up m own gym with all this stuff! Good thing I opened my eyes before getting into debt for all this stuff.

The worst thing is that they still keep on publishing all these Kayla Itsines reviews, telling you that this bikini body workout program is just awesome and that it works for everybody. It might, but once the whole program is over, you will have spent a fortune on the extra material.

For that money, I could have gotten surgery, or gone to a specialized medical center and have them do the hard work. After all, for a working single mom, spending that much money and time on a weight loss program is simply not practical.

The total cost NOT Including extra gym gear is over $209! That’s just for the ebook and nutrition plan!


Lucky I Found The Jen Furruggia Bikini Body Workout Fitness Program

Luckily for me, a friend came over one day and told me about this amazing program that was helping her mother-in-law lose weight. The Bikini Body Workout Program has worked wonders for me she was telling her. So I just had to try it! The bikini body workout reviews looked good so it was time to give it a go. The total price was $57.98!

At the beginning, I was expecting to find a guide with the things I had to do. I would realize soon enough that unlike most other dieting plans, this program is not about calorie counting or extreme cardio workout. The bikini body workouts fitness guide is about changing the way we live.

Oh, and it comes with a FREE Nutrition plan! 

jen ferruggia free nutirition plan

You get this for free


How The Kayla Itsines Alternative Worked For Me

The first thing that I got from this program was everything to do with self-esteem and how I saw myself.

I learned that all the weight I had been struggling to put off in the past came from a place I had been reluctant to acknowledge, insecurity.

The Bikini body Workout helped me realize that only by feeling sure of myself would I ever be able to get anywhere in my dieting fight.

Once I realized that all my past experiences were not my fault, I started to feel much better about myself and felt for the first time a feeling somewhere near empowerment.

Why did I take so long to realize that my inability to lose weight was not my fault? Because I was doing all the wrong things and above all that I was going against nature.

This alternative helped me out a lot, it was super easy to understand. It made me feel better about myself and that helped me lose weight. If you feel good and healthy it will help you get the body you really want.


My Transformation after just 38 days!

I’m going to let this image speak for itself. I’ve truly come a long way and I’m so happy with my body now!

(My picture, I used to also run


You can see more of Jen’s results here >> More Transformations <<


What traditional dieting plans say you should do (like Kayla Itsines bikini body guide)

  • Do plenty of cardio workouts
  • Count calories
  • Eat less
  • Bottom line: lose weight by eating less and exercising more

What the new Bikini Body Workout teaches you

  • Cardio is spoiling your body
  • Paying attention to quick magazine tips is a waste of time
  • Excessive workouts are making you lose muscle and gain more fatty tissue
  • Eating less makes you have less energy
  • Eating less makes you feel worse
  • Bottom line: There are better ways to do it and the Jen Ferruggia bikini workout teaches you that

The Bikini Body Workout And How it changed my Life

To say that my life changed completely with the help of the Bikini Body Workout would be an understatement. One of the most relevant things I learned with this program is that just by changing your lifestyle you can get a lot more than what I got after years of trying to fight weight loss.

Thanks to this guide I can eat my favorite foods and the best part is that I can do that freely while feeling no guilt at all. I can enjoy a workout that is fun to do and makes me feel proud of myself.

The result?

A firmer and toner body that still looks feminine and attractive, which is much more than other workout programs that change the feminine figure completely. Now I don’t feel hungry or tired all the time and I feel happy with the results. I recommend the Jen Ferruggia bikini body workout guide over the Kayla Itsines guide.

Another very important thing is that losing weight can actually be enjoyable! After so much suffering and struggling, I found out that it’s never too late to begin those changes that will actually transform your body and life. Forget those fad diet’s and get on this program ASAP! I’m not doing a bikini body guide review but let’s compare them and see what you think.

Let’s Compare Both Programs


healthy living


So hey body guide simply cost way to much with a total of over $209 plus gym gear. I mean a person on the average wage just can’t afford that. The plan also forces you to stop eating.

That’s all it is, stop eating and you will lose weight.


booty blast workouts

The Bikini Body Workouts from Jen Ferruggia simply has more to offer! at a total price of $43 it’s amazing value for money not to mention it comes with freebies. You get a free nutrition and recipe guide.

The program is filled with body exercise video that are super easy to watch. She also updates it with monthly workouts. You will also get a shopping list for FREE.

Jen Ferruggia also offers a full money back guarantee! You just can’t go wrong with her exercise program. You will get that beautiful bikini body faster than you think. When I was reading the Kayla Itsines reviews I wish I found out about this earlier! Everything looks great is Kayla magazine interviews but they never talk about the hidden price!

This isn’t a bikini body guide or workout review, I simply wanted to share my experience so people could decide for themselves. I know what it’s like to have that weight you just can’t lose. I know how long it takes to lose that weight and it can be hard. Jen has a great program that can help you. It helped me achieve what I wanted.

I lost the weight I wanted and toned up a bit, I could go with a little more toning but I did this to help me when I play basketball.

I started playing basketball at a young age then I got into eating. BIG mistake! I was always eating and putting on weight, this affected my game so I needed to do something about it.

My weight was a problem so I got to work and like I mentioned above tried the Kayla Itsines bikini body guide. Now I’m not saying this will not work for you and I have nothing against her. I just wanted to warn you about the price because it’s very high. I wanted to find an alternative for Toms readers if they want to lose weight.

Weight can affect you in any sport so it’s important to live a good healthy life, I learn this the hard way. Kayla Itsines guides might help you if you have the money that is.

To lose the weight she actually tells you to stop eating and that’s not good for your body, you something on a daily basis. She does have meal plans but the portions of food are so small you still starve yourself. It’s a common tactic but we all know about that already!

I like the Jen Ferruggia bikini body workouts program because it’s cheap with lots of freebies! She has also included a great selection of training videos. The course gets updated monthly with new content. This keeps things fresh so you can try new workouts.

Before I go let’s looks at some of the results from other on the bikini program.

the jen ferruggia workouts fitness program review

You can see more of Jen’s results here >> More Transformations <<

As you can see from some of the transformations her guide is excellent! It works for all shapes and sizes. Perfect for toning up or losing weight.

Jen Ferruggia has included a free ebook if you want to download it! I highly recommend you do, it’s great! That’s why I love her she give out so much FREE Value. It’s a nice change to see some of these fitness gurus giving away value. So no matter what you do for it’s important to live a healthy lifestyle.

The bikini body guide (BBG) did cost a lot, I didn’t even go through the entire thing and the cost started getting high. If I was to review them both I would choose the bikini body workouts plan since it does the same thing for a much lower price and lots of freebies.

I’m very happy I chose her workouts and I’m sure you will be if you make the same decision. The videos she provides are awesome! I was actually surprised at the effort she has put into it.

Well, I guess this did turn into a Kayla Itsines review didn’t it? I hope this helps you make up your mind.

If you have any questions let me know below, I will get back to you as soon as I can.



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